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Learn How We Maximize Your Phone's Performance


At Fourcher Technologies, we are obsessed with cooling your phone in ways that you’d actually want to use. Many of the ‘solutions’ available make the critical error of sacrificing the performance and convenience of your phone. 

We make products that augment your phone. 

The CryoCase

Insulating pouches not only shield your phone from the sun, they also shield your phone from you! The screen is completely inaccessible and its yet another thing you have to carry around or lose. Plus if your phone is already hot, these pouches will keep it from cooling down. Insulation works both ways. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are TEC clips which actively cool your phone, but require an external power source to use. They are bulky, loud, and uncomfortable. Their fan placement usually makes them impossible to set down flat on a table.

It's time for a truly innovative solution. It's time for the CryoCase.

The CryoCase is like any other case: protective, durable, stylish; however it has a trick up its sleeve: it can cool your phone down 15℉ in direct sunlight without electricity. All the CryoCase requires to work is a clear sky. It is perfect for playing music by the pool, talking on the phone outside, or simply keeping your phone cool when dining outdoors. 


Your current phone case does nothing to keep your phone cool, so why not upgrade to a case that does more than just protect from drops?





The CryoPad

Every time you wirelessly charge your phone, you permanently damage the battery. The waste heat from wireless charging has permanent detrimental effects on your battery that impact the long term performance of your phone. Despite the drawbacks, wireless charging continues to be the most convenient way to charge. The ‘solutions’ on the market again make the critical error of sacrificing performance and convenience. 



Some companies believe that installing a fan is all that is needed to cool a phone. They are wrong: 105℉ wrong. The $80 Samsung fast charger does indeed charge quickly, but it comes at the cost of your battery longevity and your phone’s immediate performance. Even with a fan, this charger manages to cook your phone to a toasty 105℉. A year of charging at that temperature would lead to a 25% reduction in battery health, rendering the phone unusable. In the short term, thermal throttling would reduce CPU performance by 20%. Other less expensive wireless chargers with fans suffer the same fate, even performing worse than their fanless counterparts. 



Typical TEC phone coolers can get very cold, however they are terrible at effectively cooling your phone. Cooling power is a function of the quantity and speed at which heat is removed from the system. Fan based TEC coolers are only able to move a quarter sized spot of heat at best. They fail to move the bulk heat from your phone in the same way an ant would fail to move a boulder. The few TEC coolers that charge your phone have extremely weak cooling and charging due to their power constraints. They also are intended only to be used when held, making them impossible to use as a mounted product.



The CryoPad takes the TEC technology to the extreme, using a TEC that has 2x the surface area and then combining it with a water cooling system to extract an extreme amount of heat very quickly. Combined with our custom milled aluminum plate, we cool a surface area 5x larger, ensuring your entire phone is properly cooled. The CryoPad has a 20W Qi charger built in which charges your phone as fast as physically possible. A year of charging with the CryoPad results in less than a 10% loss in battery health. Your phone will perform batter in the short term too due to the elimination of thermal throttling. With our selection of modular stands, you can use the CryoPad on your desk at home, in the car, or even on your motorcycle.



Why choose between convenience or performance when you can have it all with the CryoPad!