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The CryoPad is a wireless charger that cools down your phone below the ambient temperature to provide faster charging and protect your long term battery health

Cooling your phone reduces thermal damage to your battery, thereby increasing its longevity and performance. Cooling the phone also allows it to charge faster.

Other wireless chargers offer high performance at the cost of your battery longevity. The few that offer an active cooling element sacrifice charging speed. The CryoPad sacrifices nothing, providing you with the best charging experience money can buy.


The CryoCase is a phone case that gets colder in direct sunlight instead of hotter, simply using a clear sky. Electricity free cooling in the palm of your hand.

Certainly not! Radiative cooling simply means that it is good at reflecting radiation, like a mirror reflects light. The radiative cooling paint is safe to view and touch like any other paint.

The CryoCase requires a full view of a clear sky to function. Heavy foliage, clouds, or ceilings may disrupt its ability to cool. Tinted glass, like the type used in most cars and buildings, may also disrupt its effectiveness.

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