CryoPad - (Coming Soon!)

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The CryoPad is a wireless charger that actively cools your phone using a micro water-cooling system in conjunction with a thermoelectric plate (Peltier device). This unique combination allows for sustained and powerful cooling in even the most challenging environments. The system is so powerful that it is able to cool over 5x the surface area of its closest competitor thanks to a 40mm thermoelectric plate with arcTEC technology and a custom-made aluminum plate. There are many benefits to charging at lower temperatures, including:

  • Faster charging
  • Protected battery health
  • Performance improvements.

The CryoPad dynamically cools your phone to keep it at 60℉, which is the colder end of the ideal temperature range for a battery. This gives your phone the thermal buffer it needs to last longer and perform better. Anything below 60℉ reduces charging speed without corresponding benefits in battery longevity. 

Say goodbye to an unresponsive, heat fatigued phone and say hello to CryoPad.