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CryoCase - (Coming Soon!)

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The CryoCase is a case that gets colder in the sun instead of hotter. Utilizing the blackbody effect, the CryoCase uses radiative cooling to dissipate heat into the vacuum of space. It does not require electricity, boiling, or freezing to work: it simply needs an open sky. The CryoCase can cool your phone down 15℉ below ambient temperature* (check the map to see the CryoCase effectiveness where you live. Orange is better). 

How this technology works: The unique paint used in the CryoCase efficiently dissipates heat in the 8-13µm (infrared) range while also reflecting over 95% of incoming sunlight. IR-emitting particles exploit the atmospheric transparency window to dissipate heat into the sky. The end result is a case that keeps your phone cool even in direct sunlight. As long as the paint is facing a clear sky, it will cool your phone by up to 15℉.